CyberloQ Finds a Way to Protect Data Without the Hassle

CyberloQ Technologies, Inc. (OTC: CLOQ)

In the information age, few things are more valuable than our data. Whether it’s a company or a consumer, everything from an address to a PIN can be the key to unlocking a very valuable puzzle. Personal identifiable information (PII) is being put under a microscope lately — by criminals, the media, and even regulatory groups.

It’s why CyberloQ Technologies, Inc. (OTC: CLOQ) (formerly Advanced Credit Technologies, Inc.) has found a way to protect their customers from the worst. Learn more about their security from the Company President, Chris Jackson, and why their products can be used by more than just a CTO.

The State of Security

Countless companies are struggling with security these days. Some are still relying on arcane systems that offer little more than a tissue paper’s defense. Some favor multi-factor authentication, only to find that their customers give up or complain after having to input three security codes in one login session. It’s clear that something else is needed if there’s going to be systematic change.

CyberloQ has successfully answered the question of why more people don’t take the proper precautions. It’s not because they want to have their information ransomed or their identity stolen. It’s because these programs are far too cumbersome to use. What this company has concentrated on doing is designing an interface that is intuitive to use as the most popular apps of today.

How the App Works

The CyberloQ app is a convenient twist on the traditional multi-factor authentication system. Using a smartphone, users can breeze through authentication in mere seconds. The process utilizes the user’s smartphone unique identity, the CyberloQ PIN and the optional, location-based geofence (the size of which can range from an area as large as the world to as small as a city block).

Regardless of the type of account – be it website or bank card – the user’s PII can’t be accessed unless all three pieces of CyberloQ’s requirements are met. The would-be hacker would need the user’s smartphone, the CyberloQ PIN and be within the geofence.

One of the biggest problems with website fraud today is that usernames and passwords can be too easily compromised. In the office environment it is more than common for workers to give their login credentials to other co-workers or friends. If the CyberloQ system is attached to a website, only the authorized user would be able to use their login credentials. Someone else using the same credentials would not gain access past the login screen.

One of the biggest problems with bank card fraud today is that our bank cards are always “’On”. When a normal bank card is compromised, the hacker can use the card right away to make purchases. CyberloQ changes the bank card’s status to “Off” by default, so hackers would not be able to use the cards. Another cool aspect of this feature is that if a card is lost or stolen, the card can be replaced with the same card information. This is especially useful when a card is lost or stolen, and the user has multiple bills on autopay with the card.

Past and Present of CyberloQ

When CyberloQ was known as Advanced Credit Technologies, the company primarily sought to help their customers repair their credit. But this became more difficult to do as time went on, largely due to shifting laws in the financial sphere. It was then that the leadership at CyberloQ decided to concentrate on how we can really keep people’s information from spilling out into the open. Identity theft along with protecting social security numbers sparked the transition away from the singular market channel of credit to the entire market in cyber-security.

Luckily, this issue needs no introduction to the public. Companies and customers alike understand that it’s all too easy to have their information stolen — even on the most popular sites of today. CyberloQ is capitalizing on the trend today and riding that wave straight into tomorrow.

The Goals of the Future

CyberloQ has a number of plans up its proverbial sleeves, CyberloQ Vault was developed to send/receive sensitive information to prevent email fraud. The president is also setting up a blockchain for the diabetic health centers on the West Coast and in Florida. But its big goal for 2020 is using the CyberloQ authentication system in Europe and Asia for digital payments on the Debit/Credit Card networks along with the crypto markets.

Company President, Chris Jackson, has affirmed the company’s ties to major financial institutions, like Visa and MasterCard. The need for better protection is only growing, and this technology is a prime position to start answering the question of how to keep people’s data under real lock and key.

A Growing Need

Even the most seemingly stable system can have a hairline fracture or two. That crack is like a loose thread sticking out from a sweater. It only takes a little time and persistence to eventually destroy the whole thing, and this is exactly what criminals count on if they’re intent on hacking into confidential data.

If we’re going to give hackers a real run for their money, we need better security systems that take into account how we use technology. The ever-greater number of apps, websites, and financial accounts means we need companies who will simplify it all for us. CyberloQ has not only solved this problem, but the company is also looking further ahead as to how its technology can be used on a bigger scale.

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