Get to know Vortex Brands Co.

Vortex Green Energy, a trade name of Vortex Brands Co. (OTC: VTXB), is a revolutionary new energy company with a unique solution – Phase Angle Synchronization (PAS) – designed to eliminate wasted electricity in the overburdened energy grid.

The Problem of Wasted Electricity

Electric motors in commercial and industrial settings only consume about 80% of the energy they draw from the energy producer. The unused electricity “flows back” to the utility plant, burdening the system and requiring 20% more power simply to consume the waste.

All of this excess load on the electrical grid causes power outages and the need for restricted HVAC-use during heatwaves. While the discomforts and disruptions of power outages can be significant to human life, they also cost American businesses approximately $150 billion every year.

In recent decades, investments in solar have taken critical attention off the existing grid, leaving a massively inefficient, struggling system. The excess burden on the electric grid, combined with underinvestment in its growth and renovation, has resulted in a system that lacks the capacity to serve the population and one that may not last another 20 years.

The PAS Solution

By the time electricity goes to the consumer and returns to the utility to be absorbed, roughly 40% of the available power has been wasted. Energy producers are not paid for all of the electricity produced, but only the amount that is consumed. That’s good news for the energy consumers, but bad news for the energy producer who pays for the wasted energy.

In light of this, Vortex Green Energy recognizes that inventing a revolutionary energy recycling technology isn’t going to fix all the grids problems. Instead, its PAS solution focuses on saving energy. PAS captures and reuses wasted electricity to boost efficiency and take the unnecessary burden off the grid. By strategic design, PAS stands to benefit the grid, energy producers, the consumer, and Vortex Green Energy.

“We based our business model on that of Rolls Royce,” Vortex Green Energy CEO Todd Higley recently stated in an interview. “When they sell jet engines, they do not sell those jet engines as units. They charge for the miles flown on those engines. That lowers the bar for airlines to acquire the planes, and it incentivizes Rolls Royce to make high-quality engines.”

Vortex Green Energy shows electric utilities how much they can save by leveraging their green energy service. In return, the company only asks for a percentage of the utilities’ energy savings. It’s a win-win situation.

“It’s hard for people to understand because it’s the polar opposite of what we normally associate with energy efficiency,” explains Higley. “Consider the LED light bulb. We pay more up front for these advanced bulbs and expect to save enough to make up for the cost in time.”

With Vortex Green Energy, the big upfront investment is no longer a part of the equation. The company provides a solution beneficial to itself as well as the electric utilities; it is what Higley calls a “share and savings” business model.

The Broader Vision

Vortex Green Energy offers a unique solution to the losses that utility companies have simply accepted as an inherent problem in energy production. However, the company isn’t only interested in serving an industry with a longstanding loss problem – it wants to alleviate the electrical grid of its crippling burden.

The result will be more available energy in the aggregate. This will prolong the operational life of the existing grid and deliver more available energy. Perhaps best of all, PAS will give companies and governments a new incentive to reinvest in the electrical grid – making it greener, more efficient, and more powerful.

Founded in 2018, Vortex Green Energy is based in Sacramento, California, and trades under the ticker symbol, “VTXB.”

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