Gratitude Health Shakes Up Keto Market with Ready-to-Drink KetoFuel™

Gratitude Health’s mission is to disrupt the beverage industry with healthier options. Instead of heavily sweetened, simple sodas, the company offers health-conscious consumers a line of beverages that serve a dietary benefit. As part of its strategy to promote nutrition through innovation, Gratitude Health will soon expand its lineup of ready-to-drink (“RTD”) products with the release of the market’s first RTD ketogenic meal replacement shakes.

KetoFuel™ meal replacement shakes will cater to the busy person who wants to maintain a keto lifestyle. Each shake is packaged in a 16.9-ounce, single serving bottle. The bottles are resealable shelf-stable Tetra Pak containers that are customer tested and approved. In addition, all of the product ingredients are USDA certified organic.

Initially offered in chocolate, vanilla and caffeinated mocha flavors, KetoFuel shakes are expected to hit the market in the current quarter of 2019, as announced earlier this year.

“We’re not trying to latch onto a diet craze,” Andy Schamisso, president and COO of Gratitude Health stated in the press release announcing the launch. “We approach Keto as a lifestyle more than a diet. We have a pick-me-up caffeinated Mocha flavor for those ‘out-the door’ mornings and chocolate and vanilla flavors to satisfy those daily hunger pangs when one just wants something that tastes great and does its job.”

Getting the job done means that KetoFuel shakes are carefully designed using ingredients that follow the proper fat-protein-carbohydrate formula. The creamy texture and satisfying flavors help consumers get the mouth-feel that they crave in a meal replacement shake. The goal is an overall lifestyle change supported by the energy that KetoFuel meal replacement shakes provide.

Using organic ingredients supports Gratitude Health’s mission to provide the public with more than heavily sweetened fizzy water. Organic ingredients also mean KetoFuel meal replacement shakes hit home for consumers who are as concerned about the environment as their health and wellness.

Learn more about the health benefits associated with Gratitude Health’s bottled beverages.

Nutritional Ketosis

The main purpose of the KetoFuel product line is to provide consumers with a single meal that meals all of their dietary needs. These needs are based on the concept of ketosis, which is a metabolic process. A ketogenic diet is also referred to as a low carb diet. Consumers who follow a keto diet plan eat certain foods to help stimulate ketosis. The keto diet prescribes a specific ratio of fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

The keto formulation is designed to boost fat burning, which increases energy levels. This maintains the nutritional ketosis, a normal metabolic process. As a result, the body does not have enough glucose stored in the system to make energy. What happens next is the ultimate goal for keto fans. The body burns stored fats instead and enables you to lose weight naturally by eating certain foods.

KetoFuel senior brand manager Roy Warren, Jr., explained more about the use of ketosis for weight loss management in the afore mentioned press release. “We wholeheartedly believe in the vast health benefits of nutritional ketosis. With our scientifically formulated meal replacement drinks, we make adhering to a ketogenic diet and lifestyle choice convenient without sacrificing taste or nutritional efficacy.”

Health Benefits of Polyphenols

Gratitude Health (OTCQB: GRTD) also markets its Dragon Well Green Teas. Each RTD serving contains a healthy serving of 417 milligrams of polyphenols, which are antioxidants found naturally in foods. Types of polyphenols include flavonoids, lignans, and phenolic acids. Other popular foods containing this phytochemical are red wine, dark chocolate, and extra virgin olive oil. Benefits of polyphenols include:

  • Reduce the signs of aging
  • Minimize free radicals in your system
  • Protect against dementia
  • Shield your skin from ultraviolet radiation
  • Cut down on inflammation

To find out more about Gratitude Health and where to purchase the KetoFuel or Dragon Well Green Teas as a distributor or retailer, call 561-227-2727 or email

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