6-14-2021 SmallCapVoice Interview with (OTC.QB: DGWR)

Deep Green Audio Interview - smallcapvoice

Deep Green Waste & Recycling, Inc. Discusses its Waste and Recycle Management Services in Audio Interview with SmallCapVoice.com

AUSTIN, Texas (June 15, 2021) — SmallCapVoice.com (“SCV”) announces the availability of a new interview with Lloyd Spencer, President and CEO of Deep Green Waste & Recycling, Inc. (OTCQB: DGWR), to discuss how the Company’s moves in 2020 are paying off for the Company in 2021.

Deep Green Waste & Recycling, Inc. is a sustainable waste and recycle management services company for commercial customers who recently announced the Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire an environmental remediation and services company adding another revenue stream for the Company in a market similar to the one they already operate in.

Speaking with SCV’s Stuart Smith, Spencer described the moves made in 2020 and early in 2021 that have built a foundation for future growth with the ability to continue to grow by establishing strategic relationships with institutional investors that offer substantial and longer-term financing solutions. The goal of these financings will be to acquire additional profitable waste and remediation services companies in the Southeast United States.

“The Company restarted its business last year. In August of 2020 we announced a an LOI to acquire Amwaste, Inc. We completed that acquisition in March of 2021. Now, Amwaste is up and going with DGWR and offering services to communities in Georgia like Brunswick and St. Simon’s Island. The Company is profitable and growing and it is important to note that this is a business that has been in operations well over ten years.” He stated. “If you look at our 10Q you will see that we recorded our first quarter of revenues with Amwaste and you will see the growth. You will also see in that 10Q that we were able to remove the Company’s “shell risk” designation from OTC Markets.”

The CEO then expanded on the LOI to acquire an environmental remediation and services Deep Green signed.

“This is a really exciting new part of the business, and we think this is going to grow the Company quickly in a rapidly growing industry.” he said. “In the environmental services business you are looking at businesses or homes that are looking to remove asbestos or remove lead paint and other hazardous materials.”

The interview also highlighted DGWR’s accelerated path toward revenue and profitability with the infusion of new capital into the Company allowing it to grow the operations of Amwaste through the hiring of additional people and purchasing additional trucks and containers allowing Amwaste to serve additional communities. We believe that this capital can grow the operations of Amwatse by 30% to 50%.

“One of the nice things with Amwaste, is that we’re not having to go out and create a customer base, but we’re building on top of existing customer bases,” Spencer told Smith. “In fact, we are already finding that we are having difficulty keeping up with demand and that is a wonderful problem to have that is entirely addressable.”

Spencer concluded the interview by explaining how DGWR will experience another “leap of growth” with the completion of the acquisition for the recently signed LOI.

“Not only are we focused on growing organically with the operations of Amwaste, but we will also be growing through acquisition with the addition of the environmental remediation and services company here in 2021.”

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