New interview with Marc Hazout, CEO of SusGlobal Energy Corp.

New Interview with Marc Hazout CEO of SusGlobal Energy Corp - Small Cap Voice, Inc. (“SCV”) today announces the availability of a new interview with Marc Hazout, CEO of SusGlobal Energy Corp. (OTCQB: SNRG) (“the Company”), to discuss the Company’s milestone achievement in generating revenues from its carbon credits monetization initiative.

As Leaders in the Circular Economy ®, SusGlobal is focused on reducing greenhouse gases and diverting organic waste streams from landfills, processing them into regenerative products such as fertilizer. As reported in September, the Company’s SusGlobal Belleville subsidiary has generated roughly 105,000 Verified Emission Reductions and Removals (VERRs) and recently sold its first carbon credits, adding to SusGlobal a third revenue stream.

The sales will be reflected in SusGlobal’s upcoming third-quarter earnings Hazout tells SCV’s Stuart Smith, and the Company anticipates repeating this financial milestone annually. He also notes additional near-term corporate objectives, including uplisting to the NASDAQ and advancing its Hamilton processing facility to achieve a similar revenue pattern.

“It is very exciting times at the Company, and I think the market reflects that,” Hazout says. “I think we’re seeing the valuation continue to increase incrementally … We have the capacity to increase the amount of tonnage that we’re processing and therefore it will reflect in an increase of carbon credits, we’re able to generate more VERRs. When Hamilton is online in 2023, we’ll register that facility to do the same thing and repeat it. We now have the expertise to do that.”

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