Setting Off the Fire Sprinkler in the OTC:SHGI Lab

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At Sparx Holdings Group, Inc. we are designing our products for the modern warehouse and storage customer. The Sparx™ Smart Sprinkler System is intended to protect warehouses and storage facilities that may experience complex and challenging fire scenarios.

Sparx Holdings Group, Inc. (OTC PINK:SHGI), a fire protection technology company, is on the cusp of completing its full, initial prototype stage, Sparx™ Smart Sprinkler System prototype.

With the Sparx™ Smart Sprinkler System, we intend to significantly enhance both the response time of conventional sprinkler systems and their effectiveness in combating complex fires, such as in buildings with tall ceiling heights, intricate architectural designs, crowded storage arrangements, and the storage of hazardous commodities. The Sparx™ Smart Sprinkler System is designed to interface with conventional sprinkler heads, enhancing their responsiveness and enabling effective communication and collaboration among sprinklers to optimize fire response.