Unearthing Grid Battery Metals | Tim Fernback Exclusive

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Grid Battery Metals has been one of the most interesting players in the battery metals exploration and mining space we’ve seen over the years. Recognizing the electrification boom and getting involved at the right time and place in the sector is incredibly important and we feel Grid did just that.

Traded on the TSXV under CELL, the OTCQB under EVKRF, and the FRA under NMK2, Grid Battery Metals brings together some of the brightest minds in the mining and financial space. We’re sitting down today with Grid Battery Metals President & CEO, Tim Fernback, for an exclusive interview on the massive updates brought forward in 2023 and the initial plans for 2024.

We all know that with the EV and solar booms, batteries are in high demand. That means the components required to produce these batteries in mass scale are in growing demand. Let’s ask Tim about meeting that demand and how Grid Batteries Metals is positioning themselves to remain a strong player for years to come.