USA Equities Growth Follows Trajectory of Digital Healthcare

USAQ growth follows trajectory of digital healthcare

 In a recent interview, Troy Grogan, CEO of USA Equities Corp. (OTCQB: USAQ), talked about five focal points that drive USAQ’s business model and growth trajectory. The business structure generates recurring revenue for both USAQ and its physician clients, while the Company’s point of care and remote-patient monitoring technology meets increasing demand for virtual care in post-pandemic healthcare.

While Covid-19 has been a driver for change in all aspects of healthcare, digital health coverage and digital health services were rapidly progressing and evolving before 2020. The pandemic has, however, accelerated the speed of the digital transformation, fueling increases in the value and demand for digital health innovations that save time, boost accuracy and efficiency, and combine technologies in novel ways. USAQ fits well into this digital evolution with its remote-patient monitoring technology designed to aid and provide solutions for the digital health services market that continues to expand in scope. 

USAQ’s Five Point Investment Thesis:

In 2019, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) created new RPM (Remote Physiological Monitoring) codes which are now credited with being a major advance in digital health coverage to improve care delivery, outcomes, and cost management. The CMS is now proposing to advance the utilization of digital health tools to provide clinicians a more comprehensive data set of their patients’ health conditions and has unveiled a new category of digital health services – Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) – to complement the existing suite of RPM codes covered under Medicare. RTM codes monitor health conditions such as musculoskeletal system status, respiratory system status, medication adherence and therapy response, and as such, allow non-physiologic data to be collected (See: CMS Proposes New Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Codes: What You Need to Know).

“Only 15 or so months ago we wouldn’t have thought virtual care technologies and digital medicine would come to the forefront … but they are here and they’re here to stay,” Grogan explained in the interview. “A lot of patients have really felt the benefit of not having to go into a doctor’s office and sit in a waiting room to get good, quality care. We’re a part of that new eco-system.”

USAQ is well-positioned as an early entrant in the digital medicine and virtual care fields. The Company provides efficient digital care for the patients as well as healthcare providers. USAQ has been proactive in other market segments within digital health as well, actively working with the nurse practitioner community. Tapping into the ENP Network, the largest web-based services provider to the nurse practitioner community and nurse practitioner associations with over 260,000 members, USAQ seeks to provide its suite of enhanced chronic disease management, preventive solutions, and value-based digital tools to evaluate and treat patients.

“The government and healthcare insurers see the economic benefits of identifying and managing chronic conditions through software and digital technologies which reduces demands on the time of practitioners which is why they are providing new reimbursement codes for these tools,” said Grogan.

Market research firm Statista recently reported that the overall digital health industry market size will grow in excess of $150 billion by 2025 therefore, finding a public company like USAQ that can navigate and be opportunistic in the growing market segment is boon for savvy investors. 

Equity research firm Litchfield Hills Research LLC recently issued a “Buy” rating on USAQ, along with a $5 price target, following the Company’s first-quarter 2021 results.  For the three months ended June 30, 2021, USAQ posted sequential revenue growth of 50% to approximately $456,219 while gross profit increased 56% sequentially to $207,717. 

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