How Veritas Farms Is Setting Itself Apart in a Congested Market Space

How Veritas Farms Is Setting Itself Apart in a Congested Market Space

Veritas Farms, Inc. (VFRM) has big plans for its whole-plant, full-spectrum hemp oil in the marketplace. If this pitch sounds familiar, you should know that the company has some unique ways of setting itself apart. Learn more about the principles of the company, it’s leadership, and most importantly, the impressive products that are making consumers take notice.

A Retail-Friendly Operation

In 2019, VFRM achieved partnerships with 6,000 retail stores across the country, making it one of just a handful of companies in highly competitive CBD space that have managed to break into retail stores. While the company’s products are widely available, there is a lot of room for additional growth. This is largely because VFRM is diligent about meeting regulations to ensure its products are safe and efficient.

Management believes that as the stigma of hemp and the cannabis industry as a whole disappears, VFRM’s exposure is only going to grow.

Pet-Friendly Products

Cannabidiol (CBD) is making waves in the pet community, especially as prescription costs have skyrocketed. While the exact science of hemp is still in flux, pet owners across the country have claimed to see improvement when treating their pets with CBD for a wide array of ailments.

Noting this market opportunity, VFRM introduced to the $22 billion pet health market a new line of products under the brand name, Veritas Pets. In bringing to market Veritas Pets, VFRM leadership worked directly with its retail partners. This collaboration gave the company valuable insight into why pet owners use hemp products and how Veritas Pets can help customers meet their pets’ needs.

From topical products for allergies to ingestible foods designed to soothe anxious animals, VFRM’s line can be used by nearly any pet. At the Global Pet Expo (the industry’s largest trade show), VFRM was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd that was ready to learn more about Veritas Pets products.

A Solid Base

One of the most impressive things about VFRM is the stability of its infrastructure. With a 140-acre farm and new production facility, VFRM’s staff oversees the entire production process. This approach allows VFRM to take control of nearly every variable rather than relying on partners who may be operating miles apart.

This vertically integrated agribusiness is based in Pueblo, Colorado, and is registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

A Noteworthy Team

VFRM is led by an impressive team of professionals with a variety of backgrounds. One thing that holds this team together is a history of hard work and success. With many of the staff coming from Fortune 1000 companies, the bar is set high for VFRM and its products.

This is perhaps reflected by the fact that all capsules, tinctures, edibles, lotions, salves and syringes are tested by a third-party to ensure that they’re as strong and effective as the company claims. At the top of the ladder for research and development is Dr. Daniel Connors. His PhD in analytical chemistry makes him the perfect candidate to maintain and elevate the company’s products.

As research into the potential applications of hemp continues to grow, it seems clear that whole-plant, full-spectrum CBD has the best chance of being effective for consumers. From massage oils to sports cream to pet products, VFRM’s mission is to diversify its line without compromising quality.

As 2020 rolls on, the company will continue its diligence in testing and product improvement to take advantage of consumer acceptance in this high-potential market.

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