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AUSTIN, Texas (Sept. 20, 2022) — Inc. (“SCV”) announces the availability of a new interview with Yftah Ben Yaackov, CEO of BYND Cannasoft Enterprises Inc. (Nasdaq: BCAN) (CSE: BYND) (CNSX:BYND.CN) (“BYND” or the “Company”), to discuss the Company’s operations, innovations and outlook for the coming year.
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BYND is an Israel-based integrated software/cannabis company focused on the development of its customer relationship management (CRM) platform for the medical cannabis market. Speaking with SCV’s Stuart Smith, Ben Yaackov discusses the Company’s 20 years in the big data market and the decision to extend its expertise to growers, suppliers and researchers of medicinal cannabis.

“BYND made a strategic decision about two years ago to try to arrange a software that will solve many problems that growers of medical cannabis have. Currently in the final stage of development, the software manages databases while integrating algorithm for maximizing and streamlining growing farms in general, and particularly medical cannabis farms,” he says.

A professional lawyer since 2004, Ben Yaackov also has experience in project management and trading in medicinal cannabis. This combination has resulted in several corporate achievements and provides support for BYND’s objectives moving forward.

“2020, 2021 and the first half of 2022 were challenging and exciting at the same time,” he explains, highlighting BYND’s listing on the Canadian CSE and NASDAQ capital markets earlier this year.

The Company also recently acquired an Israel-based company with a patent-pending CBD treatment product, the EZ-G device, representing a $28 million transaction that Ben Yaackov says will add value to BYND as it seeks regulatory approval and patent registration.

The EZ-G device uses proprietary software (provisional application) to regulate the flow of low-concentration CBD oils into the soft tissues of the female reproductive system to treat candida, dryness, scars and other health issues.

“This, together with our great development in the software field and the preparations of obtaining the license to practice medical cannabis, makes the last two years a period of great prosperity and success,” he adds. “We are confident that it will bring significant value for the Company in the upcoming year.”

Wrapping up 2022 and moving into 2023, Ben Yaackov says he expects to see continued progress in the Company’s software development and sales expansion. Additionally, BYND is in the final stage of obtaining a license to engage in the sale of medical cannabis without connecting with the substance.

“This is a special license that few have in Israel. It allows you to establish products in the medical cannabis field, a label of your own, through an existing grower that has the license to grow medical cannabis in Israel,” he explains. “That will bring us another revenue from the side of selling medical cannabis products, and above all that, I believe that we will significantly advance the new project and finish the patent registration and put other necessary regulations and build a prototype until the end of the fourth quarter of 2023.”

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