New Interview with Dinewise, Inc.

Dinewise audio interview Inc. (“SCV”) announces the availability of a new interview with Christina Moore, director of PawnTrust, a Dinewise Inc. (OTC:DWIS) company. Along with an impending name and ticker symbol change to reflect its focus, PawnTrust is fine-tuning its operations to disrupt the global pawn shop market.   

Speaking with SCV’s Stuart Smith, Moore explains how PawnTrust evolved from its financing origins to also become a data intelligence platform in the pawn and microlending vertical, a model under which the company achieved revenue growth of 400% in 2022 and could see revenues of more than $10 million in the year ahead.

As part of its expansion, Pawn Trust is adding experienced members to its management team and building a base of partner pawn shops and helping them pivot from their antiquated methods to grow their sales and market reach through PawnTrust’s digital marketplace.

“We look to have 1,000 pawn partners in 2023 and help them generate at least $120,000 in incremental sales per year by being on the Pawn Trust marketplace,” Moore says. “By doing that, which is very conservative, Pawn Trust will create revenue in excess of $10 million. At PawnTrust, we just throw the party. We bring the buyers and sellers together and we make our revenue through a fee that is charged to the pawn shop monthly. PawnTrust is a perfect example of necessity, meeting creativity.”

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