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Home Bistro Inc. (OTC: HBIS)


Home Bistro is launching a unique next generation of prepared meal, heat to eat delivery sector. Home Bistro offers a family of high quality, direct-to-consumer, ready-made, healthy gourmet meals at and restaurant-quality meats and seafood through Prime Chop at and Colorado Prime brands. The Company’s mission is to shepherd the next generation of heat-to-eat food delivery with sought after expert cuisine and experience that excite the market.

Investment Considerations:

Experienced management in the core market for the Company and in the public markets. CEO & Operations Director – pioneers in direct-to consumer home meal delivery; co-founded “The Fresh Diet”; grew to $30 million+ annualized revenue; acquired in 2011.  Directors and advisors have expertise in public markets, capital raising, corporate accounting, finance, ecommerce, digital marketing.

Highly Efficient: Company recently established in-house kitchen/fulfillment operations; eliminated 3rd-party co-packers; potentially expands profit margins and creates flexibility.

Savvy Strategy: Home Bistro is partnering with internationally renowned, “Iron Chef” Cat Cora.

Massive Market Opportunity: Global online food delivery sector projected to reach $136 billion in 2020; grow steadily by 7.5% through 2024. The U.S. food delivery sector expected to surpass $26.5 billion in 2020. Home Bistro’s Addressable Market: Platform-to-consumer segment ~30% ($8 billion in 2020) of US food delivery market.

Current Comprehensive Go-To-Market Strategy includes: Affiliate Marketing: (ShareASale 700,000+ affiliates), Facebook: Retargeting, Email:  Bottom of funnel traffic (abandoned carts), Google:  SEO and organic searches, and SMS: Retargeting via texting. Home Bistro will add Instagram: Build “middle of Funnel” audience, YouTube: Create value-added content and pre-roll ads, Influencers: seek out unique cost-effective players with successful engagement and much more.

Dinewise LLC
P.O. Box 2828
N Babylon, NY 11703
HBIS:, Inc. received $3,500 from the company on 10-7-2020 for 30 days of service., Inc., Inc. received $2,500 from the company on 11-7-2020 for 30 days of service., Inc.