Get to Know ENDEXX Corp.

ENDEXX Corp. (OTC: EDXC) got its start as a software company before moving into a number of different markets, including nutritional and therapeutic foods and inventory tracking systems. Their main endeavors include providing consumable cannabis products for dogs and tracking systems for retail pharmacies. EDXC has its proverbial irons in a lot of fires these days, but the multiple revenue streams are starting to pay off, putting it on the fast track to becoming a $100 million company in the next three to five years. These recent developments make it a good time for investors to learn more about their mission and leadership.

Getting Its Start

The company got its start more than a decade ago by building out different types of software platforms. Once they had a number of projects completed, they found that the pharmaceutical industry would be the best place to successfully sell their platforms. Retailers could use their technology to improve their tracking systems and to increase their general accountability. EDXC also saw that there was a need for additional CBD products in the marketplace, a specific type of non-psychoactive cannabis that has numerous therapeutic benefits for all mammals. It’s why they started their own line of CBD-infused Phyto-Bites specifically made for dogs to help owners everywhere alleviate their pup’s pain and anxiety.

Making Moves

EDXC has been busy hiring respected professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, so they can get the insight and perspective they need to make a splash in a competitive industry. They understood that they needed a bridge between their software and the pharmacists and store managers who would ultimately use that software. The new leadership in the company is set to provide further advice and refinements for their product. These new team members, which include a former Regional Vice President for Walgreens, will help to round out the company’s mission and streamline their general daily activities. Now, EDXC won’t have to cold-call companies like CVS or Walgreens in order to get their products into their stores. They’ll be able to rely on their leadership’s knowledge and connections to help launch them into the new frontier of their business.

Changing Expectations

The cannabis industry has seen tremendous growth in many areas, not because of its taboo nature but because its proven advantages. Those who have over-anxious puppies or older dogs who are experiencing chronic pain will delight in having Phyto-Bites soft chews to help soothe and relax their pets. CBD is not only all-natural, it’s also virtually free of harmful side effects. And CEO of EDXC, Todd Davis, didn’t take anything for granted when developing their line of products. The company worked with respected doctors and researchers in the industry to ensure that their product was not only safe and scalable, but also effective. The company has been steadily building toward their success – not just jumping into new industries without any preparation.

New Contracts

One major piece of news this year is a contract between Impulse Health and Endexx Corp to implement AutoSpense™. This technology was developed by EDXC as a way to better regulate over-the-counter products, such as Sudafed. The goal is to simultaneously decrease theft and potential abuse while improving the customer experience for legitimate buyers. The need for this technology only continues to grow and is expected to reach $19 billion by 2023. The contract puts EDXC in the perfect position to become the leading provider of this service across retail stores everywhere. They’re even in talks with international pharmaceutical companies to bring the technology overseas.

What’s Next

Now that they’ve laid the foundation for themselves, the goals for EDXC are ramping up. They hope to take their consumable products to 20,000 pharmacies across the nation. (For 2018, they’re focusing their numbers close to 3,000 – 5,000 retail stores.) They’re also hoping to implement their AutoSpense™ technology in up to 5% of retail stores. With revenue split about 50/50 between their consumable products and their dispensing technology, the company is on track to hit $100 million in as little as three years.

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