Hispanica International Announces Relaunching of Flagship Brand and Top Selling Products

Company Expects additional $1,000,000 in revenues for the coming fiscal year.

New York City, April 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hispanica International Delights of America, Inc. (OTCQB:HISP) (“Hispanica” or the “Company” ), a diversified food and beverage company in the Hispanic and ethnic food industry, today announced that it has secured manufacturing for its exclusive brand, GRAN NEVADA® and its flagship products, the Ready To Drink (RTD) Horchatas®. The Company will commence production this week at a facility owned by an International beverage company. The first production run will be for the Horchata De Morro® which has booked a six-month backlog followed by the new Horchata Aguas Frescas® commencing shortly thereafter.

Hispanica’s CEO, Mr. Fernando Oswaldo Leonzo said in a statement, “Due to demand levels well above our previous capacity to produce, we experienced shortages of our flagship products- the GRAN NEVADA Horchatas® over the last two quarters. These shortages caused us to miss our revenue targets by over $500,000 during the period. We have now entered into a manufacturing agreement with one of the largest beverage companies in the single serve category, which will not only provide us consistent manufacturing capacity, but will do so at far more favorable price points, resulting in significantly improved margins.“

Mr. Oswaldo Leonzo continued, “The organic growth and expansion of our own brands has always been the focal point of our business model. We are confident that by forging uniquely suited manufacturing and distribution relationships with larger industry players, we can deliver far superior and predictable operating results in the quarters ahead. We’re excited to enter into this manufacturing agreement which should pave the way for an expanded relationship as well as assure availability of our best selling products without further interruption to our customers. We have also begun working with this plant to increase offerings of our non-dairy based beverages and other complimentary SKUs within our distribution channels. These will include our most popular flavors in the 16oz Aluminum cans which are the top selling sizes in this category of the beverage industry. We expect to share further announcements and developments regarding this special relationship shortly.

About Hispanica International Delights of America, Inc.

Hispanic International Delights of America, Inc. (HISP) is a public company, founded in 2013. HISP is engaged in the distribution of proprietary, licensed and third party Hispanic and Ethnic food and beverages throughout the United States. HISP has already begun to distribute fruit juices, nectars, and milk based products and will begin to distribute teas, carbonated drinks, dry goods, preserves, frozen foods and bakery products. The brands distributed are done so on a proprietary basis (through distribution agreements and/or exclusive licensing arrangements). These brands emulate the flavors, tastes, and traditions, which have been known for generations among the Hispanic and other ethnic groups, and are now becoming part of the American mainstream diet. HISP is also committed in building long-term relationships with its consumers by offering superior, high quality products at the most competitive prices. HISP is headquartered in New York State with distribution operations under way in the New York City Tri-State Region, the Washington, D.C. Metro Area, the Houston Metropolitan Area, and in Los Angeles and the Northern California Region.

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