New Interview with Grid Battery Metals Inc. Inc, is thrilled to announce the availability of an exclusive interview featuring Tim Fernback, the CEO of Grid Battery Metals (TSXV: CELL) (OTCQB: EVKRF) (FRA: NMK2), as he delves into the exciting prospects of nickel and lithium in the rapidly expanding electric vehicle (EV) and battery sectors.

Grid Battery Metals, a pioneering company, is strategically positioned in the battery metals market, with a strong focus on nickel and lithium. As the demand for EVs and battery technologies soars, both nickel and lithium are projected to experience significant growth over the next decade.
In the insightful interview, Tim Fernback share how as the world transitions towards sustainable energy solutions, the demand for electric vehicles and energy storage systems is escalating. Nickel and lithium play crucial roles in advancing these technologies, and Grid Battery Metals is capitalizing on this opportunity by concentrating its efforts on these two essential battery metals. Tim then goes on to explain the connection between Grid Battery Metals and their partner, Surge Battery Metals (TSXV:NILI)(OTC PINK:NILIF)(FRA:DJ5C).

Under Tim Fernback’s visionary leadership, Grid Battery Metals has established itself as a leading player in the battery metals market. By honing in on nickel and lithium, the company is poised to meet the burgeoning demand for these metals, which are essential for the future of the EV and battery industries, through their 4 projects; Texas Spring, Clayton Valley, Grid Nickel, and Volt Canyon. The 2 nickel projects are located near FPX.

Grid Nickel is of extra special interest, and Tim goes on to explain the abundance of awaruite, which is a naturally occurring nickel-iron alloy important in the manufacturing of environmentally efficient batteries for the electric vehicle markets globally.

Tim continues to discuss company goals, including the recent shareholder update released by the company. The update included key highlights like a nickel project in British Columbia completing and the beginning of a lithium project at the Texas Spring and the Volt Canyon projects, both located in Nevada. Among other stated goals, Tim concludes by stating the company hopes to be ready for the 2024 drilling season.

The interview concludes discussing the companies balance sheets and sustainability in the current economic state of both the US and Canada. “We’re really well funded,” Tim states, “we just completed two financings for the company and we have over $4.5 million in just cash related working capital on our balance sheet.” Tim goes on to explain the additional capital on hand from the sale of property to Surge Battery Metals.

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