Meet Derek Peterson: The Successful and Passionate CEO of TRTC

The CEO of Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC), Derek Peterson, didn’t get his job by sitting around and waiting for opportunity to knock. With public opinion shifting to a 64% approval rating for the legalization of cannabis, Derek decided to become a proactive force in a dynamic and often controversial industry. His role is to drive change based on public demand and environmental sustainability. He oversees two separate divisions: cannabis and produce. With 11 acres of cultivation centers, 15 permits total in California and Nevada, and new developments constantly in the works, Derek has a lot to juggle on any given day.

By 2021, the industry is projected to hit $21 billion, leading a lot of people to believe that being an entrepreneur is little more than a cash-grab. But Derek knows that there’s so much more to success than being in the right place at the right time. His track record is littered with success after success not because he’s lucky, but because he knows how to work a little harder and a whole lot smarter.

Beginning his career in finance at Crowell, Weedon & Co, Derek soon realized he had a knack for sales at the financial advisory firm. As the largest independent brokerage on the West Coast, he was able to climb the ranks to partner and Branch supervisor in just six years! He secured sales of more than $10 million before moving onto Wachovia Securities in Orange County. There, he excelled as the 1st VP and Branch Manager before accepting a senior VP position at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. With help from his team, Derek was able to oversee and manage combined assets of up to $10 million.

Derek is a graduate of Pepperdine University with a degree in Business Management. He also holds a number of titles and licenses, including his Series 7, General Securities Sales Supervisor Series 9 and 10, National Commodity Futures Series 3, Series 65 and California Insurance License. He is a CFP® Professional who has worked with numerous governmental and tax authorities in the Northern California area. He’s also been involved with officials at the SEC to smooth over any potential hiccups with the publicly traded TRTC.

But cannabis isn’t just a business to Derek the way finance was. It’s not just a list of licenses and permits that give him the authorization he needs to make money. He understands the true value behind opening up a world beyond traditional pharmaceuticals. From addiction to potentially life-threatening side effects, drug companies continue to debut dangerous prescriptions that often serve their bottom line more than their patients. Derek saw the need for more options to help them cope with a variety of legitimate medical issues.

As a cardholder, Derek’s seen first-hand just how effective medical marijuana can be when treating chronic pain or illness. It’s safe, natural, and often the most effective long-term choice compared to traditional medications. It’s just one of the reasons he decided to operate MediFarm and to apply for its establishment license in Nevada. He’s looking to do more than sell a product — he wants to bring genuine relief to a population in desperate need of it. His compassion combined with his efficiency has been a winning ticket for Terra Tech Corp.

You see while Derek had a very successful career on Wall Street, it was his love of surfing that sent him in an ambulance to the hospital with a broken neck. Between the painkillers out of the hospital and his experience in the hospital with Dilaudid, Peterson soon realized that the drugs doctors were prescribing were not a fit for him. Like so many others, including professional athletes, he started using medical marijuana for relief on his road to recovery. This journey is what inspired Peterson for a career change, and that career change happens to be running the first ever publicly traded producer of medical and recreational marijuana.

Derek has devoted himself to making his company thrive, and anyone who knows him can see his fervor play out in practically every move he makes. He knows that merely showing up isn’t going to enough to make his mark in an increasingly competitive space, and he’s prepared to rise to the challenges no matter where they come from. Between political pushback and an ever-growing business agenda, his days are full of one hurdle after another. Luckily, his background and passion make him the perfect CEO to ensure TRTC continues to thrive.

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