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Right On Brands, Inc. (OTC QB: RTON) is a relative newcomer to the growing cannabis industry, but they’ve already hit some significant goals in short amount of time. With three brands under their belt, Humbly Hemp, Endo Brands, and Humble Water Co, they’re ready to make waves in a chaotic space. The company manufacturers health conscious beverages and foods made with the therapeutic power of hemp, and their progress has been undeniable. CEO Daniel Crawford is taking his company in a few unexpected directions, so it may be time to learn more about this ambitious company.

A Chance Occurrence

Like many start-ups, RTON got its start with a simple revelation of a seemingly obvious missed opportunity. Crawford could walk into a health foods store and see a whole wall of soy-protein foods and yet he couldn’t find nearly as many choices for his favored choice of protein – hemp. Analyzing the popular protein bars on the market, it didn’t take long for him to find that most bars contained as much sugar as an average candy bar. He recognized that there didn’t necessarily need to be more choices on the market but that those choices should better reflect the real nutritional needs of the average consumer.

Laying the Groundwork

Crawford had its first products on the market in June 2017 with his line of protein bars under the name Humbly Hemp. With three flavors available in a number of stores around Southern California, he found there was definitely a demand for his unique brand of products. RTON was also diligently at work perfecting their Endo Brands line in a variety of choices for the consumer. This success led him to partner with established distributor Statewide Beverage Co.

Support and Partnership

Statewide is not only one of the most trusted in the industry, they’ve also been vocal about how large the demand is for quality hemp and CBD oil products in the state. They’re excited to be partnering with RTON as the hemp market is only going to keep growing. Last year, RTON also secured a joint venture with Spring Hill Water Co in Montana. It ensures the company has unlimited access to fresh water, so they can continue developing their water-based hemp beverages.

Stepping Forward

RTON is currently raising money to build their own bottling brand in the nearby areas. They’re researching and developing a number of other products and setting up supply chains for their hemp oil – the same hemp oil that will be infused into their products. They’ve also introduced Endo Drops in four different flavors. This product is a type of tincture, which can be taken either alone or put into foods or beverages. The drops are being marketed, in part, as hemp oil supplements for people who are new to cannabis. Endo Drops are economical, easy to use, and an effective way for the body to absorb the benefits of hemp.

Plans for 2018

Early 2018 will see an aggressive campaign to get their protein bars in as many as 2,000 stores in the Southern California area. They plan to follow a similar strategy when it comes to their Endo Brands as well. They’ve hired a new Director of Product Development who has a significant amount of experience in extracts and supplements. Developing a health conscious food may not be a new idea, but RTON is going to show the market that there’s room for improvement. By standardizing both the price and the consistency of all of their products, RTON believes that can gain the loyalty they need to continue developing their brands.

As the new year rolls along, RTON will be busy putting all of their puzzle pieces into place. Luckily, they’re in the perfect location to do this. Southern California is one of the most forward-thinking states in the country, and it’s the place where trends start to spread through the rest of the country. Crawford has the privilege of being in the middle of it all as his company makes its way from start-up to success.

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