SystemLS™ Highly Targeted Fitness and Weight-Loss Coaching and Userpersonalized Nutritional Counseling

After shopping at GNC for weight-loss, nutritional or bodybuilding supplies each shopper walks away from GNC’s retail location with more than a bag of products. Each person takes hope home with them too – the hope for a better body, a healthier glow, more vitality and a better love life.

But changing one’s lifestyle for good takes more than hope and a bag of good nutritional tools, Changing for good takes changing our thinking. We can’t just change the way we eat and the supplements we take. If we want to live a better life, if we truly yearn for success in building a better self we need to change the way we think.

The new world of anytime, anywhere personalized coaching opens broad new vistas to self-improvement through the near-magical power of personalized 24/7 video coaching. SystemLS CoachTM is more than targeted, personalized coaching. SystemLS Coach is a remarkably sophisticated tool for positive behavior change. And best of all, it’s easy and enjoyable to use! And it’s so innovative it was awarded an Emmy for excellence.

Highly targeted fitness and weight-loss coaching and userpersonalized nutritional counseling carries the promise of personal mastery of the secrets used by professional athletes and models to a better, shapelier and stronger body. Long after each buyer’s brief time in the GNC retail environment SystemLS Coach opens the secret door to world-class wellness and fitness coaching that’s as effortless as opening a bag of SystemLS and GNC products. SystemLS Coach sponsored by GNC effectively extends excellence into the daily lives of ordinary people, allowing every GNC shopper to learn the secrets of the stars.

SystemLS personalized one-on-one video coaching delivers individualized and tightly-targeted lifestyle and wellness coaching sessions into every shopper’s everyday life. Aftermarket excellence and sell-through is now a planned part of the total GNC experience.

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