MedX Holdings, Inc. (Pink Sheets: MEDH)

MedX Holdings, Inc. is a brands and acquisition company. The vision for the company is to develop brands and the ancillary infrastructure needed to create demand through vertical integration, strategic partnerships, licensing, franchising, and providing solutions to the emerging hemp and cannabis industry.

The company’s core beliefs center around the fact that cannabis is the next great commodity, that they will grow by building bridges within the cannabis community and to do the work now to be positioned properly for the impending legalization of marijuana in the U.S.

In September 2020 MedX Holdings, Inc. appointed Hans Enriquez as the new Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) and President. Enriquez comes with more than 15 years of experience in the cannabis Industry. He’s been at the helm of retailing and distribution, franchising and licensing, merchant services, alternative payment solutions, and brand and business development.

Enriquez has proven himself in this realm by creating and rolling out what some call the “Starbucks of Weed.” His company, Dazed Inc./Counterculture Brands Inc. is ever-expanding. Even Rolling Stone gave the brand a shout-out in the popular Willie Nelson issue. His brick and mortar concept, The Lazydaze Cafe, is perfectly positioned for the inevitable legalization of cannabis. Enriquez predicts history will be made soon as the US House will be voting on federal legalization of cannabis for the first time ever. That means the pillars of Enriquez’ business (and the two most consumed commodities in the world), coffee and cannabis, will be available to folks under one roof. Dazed Inc., the parent company of Enriquez’ shops, has been operating since 2004. There are currently seven locations in Texas that are a mix of corporation-owned, licensed and franchised units. While already impressive, Enriquez plans to take his concept nationwide, taking special interest in the Colorado and Nevada markets.

In order to bring real value to the shareholders of MedX, Enriquez plans to acquire Craft Herbs LLC, Counterculture Brands and Dazed Inc. through a reverse merger and complete the transition with a ticker symbol change to DAZE. DAZE will emerge as a revenue generating company with plans to uplist to the NASDAQ.

Counterculture Brands, Inc. is in the process of developing sub-brands with the intention of licensing and franchising in emerging markets. His intuitive eye is on Mexico, as the Mexican president has all but promised the legalization of marijuana in his country when their legislative session approaches.

Look out for MedX Holdings Inc. as they add key persons to the executive management team to strategically navigate the transition to the new business direction in the coming weeks and months.

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