Vortex Brands Reveals Progress Toward Pilot Program Funding

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Dec. 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vortex Brands Co. (USOTC: VTXB) operating under the dba Vortex Green Energy, and Tripac Systems, a privately held company, are cooperating to commercialize a national energy service plan that reduces generation requirements to utilities who implement Phase Angle Synchronization (PAS) within their service territories. Tripac Systems will supply the equipment and installation at no cost, meaning no new budget items for the utility. Vortex Green Energy will undertake the daunting task of administering and coordinating all aspects of the service program.

Tripac Systems is finalizing agreements to secure full funding for the pilot program in exchange for a manufacturing license. This structure will move the pilot program forward without debt, and without a dilutive strain VTXB stock. “Being able to launch this pilot program is exactly what our supporters have been waiting for and being able to do so without debt nor a strain on the stock is a great reward for those supporters,” said Todd Higley, CEO of Vortex Brands Co.

The pilot program will place multiple PAS systems into real-world environments and produce conclusive data to prove the energy-saving and generation reduction capabilities of PAS that will create national and international demand for this long-awaited solution in the industry.

Recent articles have helped to explain the complicated PAS technology in an easy to understand way, including one written by an engineering student from the University of California at Davis as an intern for CleanStart.org, a Sacramento based support group for clean technology startups: https://cleanstart.org/blog/profile-vortex-green-energy/

Plus, SmallCapVoice.com recently featured both Vortex Brands CEO Todd Higley, and Bob Widner of Tripac systems in an audio interview: https://www.smallcapvoice.com/11-13-19-smallcapvoice-interview-with-vortex-brands-co-vtxb/

Further, SmallCapVoice.com published a great article summarizing the impact PAS technology will have on improving our electrical grid, especially as it becomes fully implemented: https://www.smallcapvoice.com/vortex-brands-optimize-energy-consumption/

About Vortex Brands Co.

Vortex Brands Co., under the dba Vortex Green Energy will provide as a service multipurpose Phase Angle Synchronization (PAS) equipment to electric utilities nationwide. PAS is a one-of-a-kind technology designed to address a one-hundred-year-old inherent problem that was thought to be unsolvable: the inefficient power consumption caused by electric motors. Improving consumption efficiency will extend the life of the grid by protecting it from excessive wear and damage, improve grid reliability by reducing line congestion and increasing reserve margin, while creating true cost savings for the utility at no cost for the equipment. Instead, revenue is generated under a Share-of-Savings business model wherein the utility shares the savings with Vortex created by the PAS service on a monthly basis. PAS is designed to address industrial and commercial use applications in a scalable solution where the majority of wasted electricity occurs, and the largest opportunity exists. Clients of the utility benefit from progressing toward carbon footprint reduction goals without capital expense or investing in any new equipment. Operations initially are focused in California before expanding nationwide. For more information visit: http://VortexGreenEnergy.com/video

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Source: Vortex Brands Co.

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